Our  NameA&A takes its name from the ATLAS and ALICE experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. These experiments look to explain some of the most fundamental characteristics of the universe. For instance, ATLAS contributed to the discovery of (what we think is) the Higgs Boson. Although the names of these experiments are technically acronyms, we find it beautiful, ironic, compelling that they also share names with two eminent literary figures.

Our Purpose: It’s that kind of intersection—in the case of our title, between literature and science—that interests us. We like things that meet, conjoin, dance, rebound, explode. Bring two things together; see what happens. Among our favorite intersections are pieces that resist genre classification (think prose poems, think flash fiction, think _______), crossovers between the arts and sciences, opposites attracting, likes repelling, anything that confronts and, in confronting, reveals. Think of the weird image you see of yourself in the mirror. (Ugh, how disturbing.) But who cares about our definition of intersection. We want to learn about yours.

Work originally published at Atlas and Alice has appeared in multiple year-end Best Microfiction and Best Small Fictions print anthologies, the yearly Wigleaf Top 50, and as finalists for Best of the Net. 

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