Book Excerpt from Nance Van Winckel

Book Excerpt from Nance Van Winckel

Selections from PULL FOR STOP Says Nance Van Winckel: “Set in Chicago, PULL FOR STOP takes place in the brief span of time as two estranged lovers pull a bus cord at the same moment on the same bus. The novel is about their love affair, which was complicated from the beginning by the fact of the […]

Fiction from Elizabeth Peterson

Flying Fish It was supposed to be romantic, this hike along the high bluffs of the St. Croix river, a celebration of our engagement, a picnic of wine and cheese, marking the beginning of our lives together, a life with dogs and kids, bills and mortgages, birthdays and anniversaries, fights and make-up sex, of skinned knees and first […]

Two poems from Nicholas Grider

FIRE SONNET (from YOUR WILDERNESS) You can’t be alarmed ‘cause you’re too busy being on fire. This has nothing to do with that fooling around at the hotel unbuttoning some mental buttons or waiting somewhere picking flowers you don’t know the names of, this is you. Sooner or later this kind of fumbling won’t be […]

Kicking off the new issue

Today’s the day! We’re really excited to bring you the first pieces of our second issue. I mentioned last week that we were going to call this one issue 1.5. Well, we changed our minds (we’re good at that!). The issue grew larger and greater than we originally thought, and we couldn’t keep the .5. […]

Issue 1.5 Preview: We’re Back!

Greetings All, Here we are, about to launch our second issue. We’re calling it issue 1.5. Why? Atlas and Alice is in a transitional period, with rather large masthead changes and position shifts, but also in how we’re approaching each issue. We see this volume is a bridge between our past and our future. Our magazine […]