Kicking off the new issue

Today’s the day! We’re really excited to bring you the first pieces of our second issue. I mentioned last week that we were going to call this one issue 1.5. Well, we changed our minds (we’re good at that!). The issue grew larger and greater than we originally thought, and we couldn’t keep the .5. It isn’t a half of an issue. It’s a monster. So this is now issue 2. Mark it down. This puppy’s going to knock your socks off.

Starting today, we’ll be featuring one writer every week for the next 2+ months (if I did my math correctly). New work will pop up on Mondays, and we may even have a blog post here or there from some of our editors, too. The goal is to really celebrate the amazing talents who sent us writing. We’ll still cull everything together for a complete issue, but please take the time each week to read and meditate on each piece. We’re proud of the work we’ve accepted, and we want each of you to discover the lightning we’ve been fortunate enough to capture in this bottle.

So keep your eyes open! It’s about to begin.

— Ben

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