Best of the Net 2014 Nominations

We are pleased to announce Best of the Net nominations for 2014! Naked before the Dead by Ian Bodkin Works Cited from Our Family Vacation to Colonial Williamsburg by Tom Luckie III Fortuna, Land of Hope and Glory by Sam Martone Dirt Can’t Talk to Dirt by Robert Vivian Congratulations to all the nominees and […]

Fiction from Ryan Sartor

Roanoke I. Roger Sampson stood in front of a crowd at the First Unitarian Church, pulling the mic closer to his face. “All of you are here because you have a reasonable fear that government intrusion will result in your arrest. We’re not here to judge one another or suspect what may be the source […]

Poems by Cathy Barber

Poems by Cathy Barber

Three Short Love Poems Love arrives like a cock strutting the hen yard. The sky is clear.  It stays blue. I would stay in bed but for the context. The prose moves forward, or circles. Love arrives like an evening glove, like the field itself. Sometimes not: see Godot.  Where were you when the pool […]

Poem by Mitchell Grabois

Jodi Jodi Arias responded to my ad after 2013 we’ll begin to forget her and in five years the next generation won’t recognize the name any more than they recognize Love Canal but she was the one who stabbed her boyfriend so many times strangled him shot him he was a monster in a […]

Fiction by Dennis Barone

Pass Go and Collect One sunny afternoon in May, after finishing a brief hike in a state park, I fell over next to my car in the parking lot. Someone called for an ambulance and I went to the nearest hospital, where they discovered they had to open me immediately and replace this with that […]