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Two Poems from E. Kristin Anderson

Two Poems from E. Kristin Anderson

June 26, 2017

Subaudible Please, not poison—               small, trashy, the hanging leaves mother knew,       these toy hundreds       floating yellow school buses,   the party           in the destination, windows       opened out.         If you hear—      shadows joined hands         and tumbled down               breathing, out all night,       out all night,       panic […]

Fiction from Josh Patrick Sheridan

Fiction from Josh Patrick Sheridan

June 19, 2017

Chicago, 1987 According to the schedule, the train will be coming in two minutes. There will be lots of people on board—a Saudi exile, a former welterweight boxer, a family of twelve with tickets to the aquarium’s new PenguinTown show. Women and men will be holding hands, their noses nestled into each other’s fur-lined corduroy, […]

Fiction from Suzanne Verrall

Fiction from Suzanne Verrall

June 12, 2017

stones There was a woman who loved her children so much she ate stones to fend off hunger while feeding them what wizened roots and tubers she could forage. She visited neighbours, begging for mean scraps to keep her family whole. The neighbours gave what they could, sometimes denying their own chickens or pigs, so […]

Issue 8 | Winter 2016/17

Featured Inside:


Dennis Barone – Alice
Lisa Folkmire – Suburbia
Rebecca Macijeski – Death’s First Lesson / Death’s Mother Shows Her How to Eat Clams
Nicole Miyashiro – Yes/No to Neurosurgery for My Son
Deya Mukherjee – Cough
Lauren Suchenski – Ade glory glory to the word


Kara Dennison – Solada and the Deep Dark
Chance Dibben – Rounding Up / Something Else / The Wrong Guy
Sarah Lynn Knowles – The Hotel Window
Christine No – Chrysalis
Eva Schlesinger – The Cha Sisters
Bezalel Stern – The Golem of Brooklyn
A.E. Weisgerber – Then he spiraled and lifted in the clouds

Creative Nonfiction

Marla Lepore – At the Corner of West Wilderness Way
Kristen M. Ploetz – Pilgrimage

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 8


Issue 7 | Summer/Fall 2016


Tyler Atwood – another dream about real life i think
Lindsey Gilbert – Whodunit House
Lindsey Gilbert – Liquidity Crisis
Natalie Homer – 8 Hot New Tips Guaranteed to Make Your Summer Sizzle
Natalie Homer – A Woman Driver, the Driver Said Into His Phone
wren james – grandma’s house
wren james – local news is still news
wren james – berlin


Michael Garret Ashby II – Saving the Gladiator
Martin Keaveney – Carcass
Martin Keaveney – Enough
Martin Keaveney – Noiseless
Elias Keller – Must Be the Location
Matthew Serback – You’re Telling Me Pro Wrestling Isn’t Real? (Part XVII)

Creative Nonfiction

Sara Khayat – Spinal Fusion
Jericho Parms – Mummy
Jennie Ziegler – The Telling

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 7


Issue 6 | Spring 2016

Issue 6 springs into life!


Cassandra Carter – Elegy for the Undead
Greg Hill – GENESIS, Initial Chapter
A.D. Ross – Unctuous Inner Organ
Meggie Royer – Like Mother, Like Daughter


James Armstrong – The Beast
Brennan Burnside – da Capo
Zann Carter – What You Do With Death and Two Hearts
Jennifer Fliss – Where Are They Now?
Alice Whittenburg – A Reassuring Fiction
S.F. Wright – Strange Business

Creative Nonfiction

Toti O’Brien – The Night
C.C. Russell – DIA toward LGA, July 2003

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 6, Spring 2016


Issue 5 | Winter 2015/2016

Cover Issue 5

Issue 5 is alive! Contributors include:


Gabrielle Campagnano – Reporting
Tim Kahl – Survivors’ Ashes
Caitlyn Renee Miller – Even in the Rain
Carrie Naughton – Crux


Mariela Acosta – The Smuggler
Ashlie Allen – Pumpkin Friday
Lori Sambol Brody – The Girl Who Waits for the Superhero
Chanel Dubofsky – The Bullet
Kate Garklavs – Lies Hairdressers Tell
Christopher Santantasio – Afterlove

Creative Nonfiction

Diana Whitney – Resurrection Stone
Melissa Wiley – Playing Astronaut

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 5, Winter 2015/2016


Issue 4 | Summer/Fall 2015

Issue 4 is here! Contributors include:


Anita Durkin – The Heat
Amy Jirsa – The Last Glass
Amy Jirsa – This is how


Sophie Nagelberg – The Hawk
Sunisa Nardone – Golden Land
Mark Rosenblum – Restoration
Cathy Ulrich – The Girls in the Yard
Reed Underwood – Fire: Broken Cameraman Blues
Reed Underwood – Earth: Warehouse (SWAT Team) Blues
Clio Velentza – Teeth
Michelle Vider – Me and Bradley Cooper and the True Dimensions of a Love Triangle

Creative Nonfiction

Laura R. Becherer – Why Your Rapist Will Always Win
John Proctor – Meditating Underwater

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 4 | Summer/Fall 2015.


Issue 3 | Spring 2015

Atlas and Alice | Issue 3, Spring 2015

Atlas and Alice | Issue 3, Spring 2015

We are  happy to announce the release of our newest issue. This is our best issue yet! Contributors include:


Andrea Gilham – Eve
Andrea Gilham – Backdrop
Matthew Woodman – Field Dressing
Sossity Chiricuzio – Chamber in my heart
Marius Surleac – deep down into all this nonsense equilibrium a stare
Ben Westlie – Weapon
Ben Westlie – Demon
Valentina Cano – Heeding a Warning
Chloe Clark – Five Of-
Rose Maria Woodson – I Have Been With Ghosts


Jacob Aiello – Green Scrubs
Mindy Hung – Three Drinking Stories
Daniel Hudon – The Secrets of the Universe
Richard Hartshorn – Loose Ends
Justin Lawrence Daugherty – By Fire or By Flood

Creative Non fiction

Erin Calabria – Redshift
Aimee Henkel – Perhaps What’s Coming

Book Excerpt

Iosif Rikhter – Tender

Visual Arts

J.I. Kleinberg – Found poems


You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 3| Spring 2015.



Issue 2 | Winter 2014

Atlas & Alice Literary Magazine - Issue 2 Winter 2014

Atlas & Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 2 Winter 2014


Our second issue is out! Finally! We’ve had some amazing contributors for this issue. You can read their pieces below, or browse through the complete issue here. Enjoy!


Nicholas Grider – Fire Sonnet (from YOUR WILDERNESS)

Nicholas Grider – Apology #3 (from NOT WITHOUT SILVER)

Mitchell Grabois – Jodi

Cathy Barber – Three Short Love Poems

Katy Li – Correspondences

Katy Li – Likenesses

Changming Yuan – Walking with Father

Michael Cooper – Man from Shells 



Elizabeth Peterson – Flying Fish

Dennis Barone – Pass Go and Collect

Ryan Sartor – Roanoke

Kyle Hemmings – Believe or Fear Everything

Jessica Hollander – The Young Mother Sings Loudly 


Book Excerpt/Hybrid

Nance Van Winckel – Selections from PULL FOR STOP



Issue 1 | Winter 2013

Our inaugural issue is out. If you would like to publish your work with us, this would be a good place to start. Browse, read, contemplate each author and the agility of their writings. This issue of Atlas and Alice includes pieces that challenge our notion of intersections. There is sadness, humor, wild wit and excellent writing in each author’s work. And in the words of our EIC, “read the magazine and see how pieces speak to each other, how individual pieces might speak to themselves, and most of all, how they speak to you”. Happy readings!

In this inaugural issue, you’ll find great works by:

Ian Bodkin – Paul David Adkins – Robert Vivian – Deborah Purdy – Ashely Boswell – Sam Martone – Drew Pisarra – Jack Caseros – Kaitlyn Duling – Aimee Henkel – Danielle Hunt – Thomas Luckie III – Marie Nunalee – Brian Clifton – Priscilla Atkins

Click here to read it.

AA First Issue - 2013


You think you have something that fits Atlas and Alice? Consider submitting for our second issue. For more info, visit our submissions page here.

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