Issue 20 | Winter/Spring 2022

Download the full issue here: Atlas and Alice – Issue 20

Featured Inside:


Lorelei Bacht – define joy.
Harper Campbell – Highway
Kathleen Hellen – scared little rabbit
Aelita Klausmeier – December
Virginia Laurie – Aloe vera
Natalie Marino – Dear America
Edie Meade – American Wisdom [American sentences]
Camille Newsom – Chirp Creek Farm


Gray Birchby – Remembering the Ocean
Rosie Garland & Meg Pokrass – Understanding bird migration
Lutivini Majanja – Boots on the ground
Avra Margariti – Thing with Feathers
Janna Miller – Folds Within Folds
Mary Lynn Reed – True Things
J.B. Stone – Suddenly
Hayley Swinson – Wild onions / Tanglewood
Sage Tyrtle – Stella Is Smashed
Robert Vaughan – Candy Crushes
Georgia White – I ate no choice food.
Stephanie Yu – Sun Surf Skin Rye

Creative Nonfiction

Julie Flattery – Fly Away
Diane Gottlieb – Hunger
Amy R. Martin – Oysters
Gloria Pearlman – Bottom Feeder: Specimens in Silhouette

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 20

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