Issue 21 | Summer/Fall 2022

Issue 21 Cover

Read the full issue here: Atlas and Alice – Issue 21

Featured Inside:


Dmitry Blizniuk – Death Is a Simple Thing
Jayant Kashyap – We only seek the blessings of those we love.
J.I. Kleinberg – Emily embodies
Justin Lacour – Sunday, 9:35 a.m.
Jill Michelle – Underwater
Hari B Parisi – Winter in Los Angeles
Alex Starr – Bled
Cloe Watson – Alone
Megan Lynn Wilkinson – I Thee Wed


Melissa Benton Barker – Mother and Son
Brett Biebel – Holy War
Bronwen Griffiths – Cadair Werdd (The Green Chair)
Chris Haven – Chicken Little, the Later Years
A.C. Koch – My Fire Still Burns
Melissa Llanes Brownlee – What if God Is One of Us
Lauren O’Donoghue – Formaldehyde
Kara Oakleaf – The Shadow Boyfriends
Cayce Osborne – The Scientist’s Daughter
Mandira Pattnaik – Where Fate Keeps Her Tools
Allison Renner – No Place Like Home
Iona Rule – Calculating
Anthony Varallo – My Money-Making Scheme

Creative Nonfiction

Barrett Bowlin – Out for Blood (or Air, or Whatever)
Akshita Krishnan – chellame, chellame
shannon layne – If hope is the thing with feathers, and I am full of eggs, and I a bird?

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 21

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