Issue 19 | Summer/Fall 2021

Download the full issue here: Atlas and Alice – Issue 19

Featured Inside:


Michelle Brooks – The Better Part of Yesterday
Steve Carter – Translucence
Douglas Cole – Re-entry
Colette Cosner – Jesus Year
Amanda Dettmann – Self-Love in the Afterlife
Mara Lee Grayson – The Veteran I Met in Reparatory
Rhienna Renèe Guedry – Map, Quest
John T. Leonard – Instability
Laura Miller – Sonnet for the sleeping (utilitarian poem)
Margarita Serafimova – The Passing Holder
Celeste Rose Wood – Excerpts from Disability Evaluation Under Social Security (12.00 Mental Disorders – Adult)


Abbie Barker – Alice, Some of the Time
Olabisi Bello – A Perfect Canvas
Kevin Brennan – Eulogy
Deirdre Danklin – Father Whatawaste
Subhravanu Das – In a Kitchen
Carolyn Fagan – Graveyard Girls
Michael Sasso – Charlotte’s Quantum Ride
Chelsea Stickle – Belly Full of Witch’s Stew
Jill Witty – Glossary: An Enlightening

Creative Nonfiction

Kathryn Fitzpatrick – Raggies: A Natural History
Preeth Ganapathy – Mornings
Bassam Sidiki – Uninvited Guests

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 19

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