Issue 1.5 Preview: We’re Back!

Greetings All,

Here we are, about to launch our second issue. We’re calling it issue 1.5.


Atlas and Alice is in a transitional period, with rather large masthead changes and position shifts, but also in how we’re approaching each issue. We see this volume is a bridge between our past and our future.

Our magazine about intersections is standing at an intersection of its own.

As you may recall, we released issue 1 in its entirety as a digital magazine. While that was great and looked wonderful, we began to think, “Maybe we can do a better job showcasing our contributors.”

And so we decided, from issue 1.5 forward, to unveil our magazine story by story (or essay by essay, or poem by poem), with one new work popping up on our site every Monday(-ish) until the issue is complete. Then, these pieces will be compiled into a beautiful digital magazine.

And speaking of beautiful, wait until you see what we’re publishing:

  • We have poetry from Nicholas Grider, who released one of my favorite recent short story collections, Misadventure, this past winter through A Strange Object.
  • The amazing Nance Van Winckel brings us an excerpt from a new hybrid, mixed media novel she’s working on, titled Pull for Stop.
  • Elizabeth Peterson and Kyle Hemmings present some killer flash fiction.
  • Dennis Barone writes a wonderful, lyrical piece on life and death and memory.
  • And there’s much more I can’t quite talk about yet.

So do keep an eye on our site. Our first post for issue 1.5 is only a week away. And we guarantee it’s worth the wait.

See you on the inside,
Benjamin Woodard

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