Blog to Blog – Jon Cone, “Sixty-Eight Statements About Poetry”

You may have heard:

1)  It’s hardest to write on a blank page.  (Right now our blog is a blank page.)

2)  Good artists borrow.  Great artists steal.

In the spirit of both of these statements, we figured our first blog post wouldn’t be our first blog post at all.  Instead, we’re going to lean on A Cabinet of Ordinary Ferocities, a blog operated by Atlas and Alice poetry editor Jon Cone.  In his post, “Sixty-Eight Statements About Poetry,” you’ll find, well, a lot of statements about poetry.

Here’s a teaser…

23 Many times the poem is incomprehensible to the reader because it was first incomprehensible to the poet. 24 Poetry can be as complex as the most complex mathematical equations, and then it can be as simple as a pebble found by one’s toe on the beach. 25 Sometimes the most appropriate response to a poem is a shrug of the shoulders.

Check it out.  Fall in love with Jon.  And then come back to us here at A&A.  We’ll have new (original) stuff for you soon enough.

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