Oh, Snap (It Gets Better)

Posted by btodt on April 6, 2013 in Blog |No Comments

just published our blog about sharing the poetry-love one piece at a time: see here.

But some more sleuthing on the Tin House blog reveals that they’ve taken Matthew’s idea a step further.  They’re calling it “Buy One, Give One.”

The details:

Inspired by this challenge and in honor of National Poetry Month, Tin House Books and Coffee House Press  have collaborated withArchipelago BooksBOA EditionsCopper Canyon PressMilkweed EditionsRed Hen PressSarabande Books, and YesYes Books to give readers the opportunity to share their love of poetry through a Buy One, Give One program.

It’s this simple: Participating publishers will give you a free book of poetry for every book of poetry purchased via their Web sites.

So, give large (Buy One, Give One) or give small (HOOT and Architrave).  The bottom line?  There’s no reason, now, not to!

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