Poetry from Marius Surleac

deep down into all this nonsense      equilibrium a stare

Image by Stuart Cale via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

Image by Stuart Cale via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

step on the cotton                               rocks covered with fog

my tracks become liquid         I           become gaseous

&                     condense                     on the light bulb flickering joy


has my name written                           in the corners and

the mopboard distorts                         the beat of butterfly’s wings

a flow of electrons      dancing           on invisible circles

the same jive I once knew brings hope in the crowd

and coconut melts chocolate in my potential                          mouth

cells burst out proteins like from a blister & hold

the antennas with                    DNA forks

each neuron digging with its dendrites           deeper

will give me your words into                          generations upon

mutant walk nearby                a sudden collapse

tricks the worm holes &                      gives religion new

meanings as well         to science        findings of God.

Marius Surleac was published by Pif Magazine, MadHat Lit, Literary Orphans, Prick of the Spindle, Bare Fiction Futures Trading and other journals.He has translated many writers into Romanian, including poetry by Marc Vincenz, Fady Joudah, Susan Lewis, Valzhyna Mort. His book Zeppelin Jack was published by Herg Benet Publishing (2011). His translation of The Propaganda Factory, or Speaking of Trees (by Marc Vincenz), is forthcoming (Tracus Arte Publishing, 2015).

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