Poetry by Lauren Suchenski

Image via Morguefile

And glory glory to the word

and glory glory to the word
named grass

to the long opalescent tracks of sunset that streak across
your ribs, your bones and all the grazing places
where your soul must hide

glory glory to the star called sun
and all its devastating bliss that wants to
ignite the space no longer stuck in time

the world has wings and the world has aching breaking backbones
the world echoes on and the world collapses in

I sit at the center and watch my center swirl inwards
and my innards curve outwards and upwards
through the mild architecture of my form –
final, resolute and resplendent.

glory glory to the gore and gutter of your core
to the rage and sputter of your lungs
that keep forcing syllables into words and sentences into stories
and something involving sense into the great mass
of momentous matter you call man.



Lauren Suchenski is a fragment sentence-dependent, ellipsis-loving writer and lives somewhere where the trees change color. Her poetry has been published in over 40 magazines and her first collection of poetry “Full of Ears and Eyes Am I” is due out this year from Finishing Line Press. She is a Pushcart Prize nominee and she loves to swim inside syllables. You can find her on Instagram (@_laurel_hill), Twitter (@laurensuchenski) and at laurensuchenski.com

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