Fiction from Kerry Graham

Photo by Nil Castellví


You dared me: climb in your window.

I thought, after childhood, dares died. But later, remembering how I straddled your windowsill, I wondered—was this to prove to you I would, could, do it?


Was this proof to me? About how badly I want to be where you are.


Kerry Graham lives, teaches, writes, runs, and photographs in Baltimore, Maryland. Her work has appeared in The Blue Hour, The Three Quarter Review, Spry, A Quiet Courage and Vine Leaves Literary Journal, among others. Connect with her on Instagram and Twitter: @mskerrygraham.


  1. rachelnewcombe8 says:

    Oh, I love this micro.

  2. Kathy says:

    Trust me, you made the right decision not to have children. I am 75 years old, spent 34 years teaching English in MD and definitely had my fill of kids. Best decision I ever made was not to have them as I have had a fulfilling life and can still pursue my own reading and writing interests unencumbered. So don’t ever doubt your decision for a minute or let others pressure you into thinking you are in any way not normal. You will be even more thankful when you are my age.

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