Poetry from Beaton Galafa

Photo by NASA

On the rock, with love

Come little darling.
I will tear my heart and
Throw it beyond the bright cotton skies.
To drop on a seabed far from home,
Behind the mountains.
To carve hollowness ravened by night.
Let joys of your life sink and
Course along tears of the river that
With its hisses wound around my heart-This
I will say when you are near here-In
My sorrows I walked past life
To explore the beauty of loneliness in a grave
The day I found you floating.


Beaton Galafa is a Malawian writer of poetry, fiction and nonfiction. In 2014, he participated in the Commonwealth Creative Nonfiction Writers Workshop in Uganda. In 2016, he won the Free Expression-Malawi Essay Writing Competition. In 2017, he was selected to participate in the Writivism Literary Project’s Mentorship Program. Some of his poetry has appeared in local print and online magazines as well as international online literary magazines such as The Maynard and The Voices Project.


  1. Chawa Mwale says:

    Great work.. Nice piece. Pure talent

  2. Felix Sanudi says:

    Nice one Comrade

  3. Lovearts_Creatives says:

    Nice pieces Sir

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