Poetry from Sara Marron

Photo: Thomas Kinto

Wide Awake, Wondering if Ants Have Hearts

I just wanna be friends
I tell you after class
We are both so exhausted
And measuring the seconds left
Before we can undress separately

You hang your head out the window
“Isn’t this what dogs do?”
I laugh and say yes
yes, you dog

And you say you feel a little less nauseous
And I say that’s grand

And we each turn into screens
Searching and searching and spinning
Between searches because the code
Is just not
As sophisticated
As our hearts had hoped.


Sara Marron is a writer from New York City currently living in Washington, D.C., studying to become a lawyer. She believes in the power of words in every application, with imagination adjudicating as the great equalizer. She has two cats and uses a chess table for meals. Read more of her work here: https://sites.google.com/view/saracmarron/home?authuser=0

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