Nonfiction from Rachel Laverdiere

Monkey Wrench



Inspired by the vast skies of Saskatchewan, Rachel Laverdiere anticipates that calm will erupt into thunderstorms, flocking geese will disappear into the sunset, and northern lights will traipse across the blackened stage. When pastures bloom into bouquets of crocus and sage, she forgets the chaos of a world that spins too quickly and remembers the pleasure of breathing. Published in journals such as The New Quarterly, Filling Station and Blank Spaces, Rachel’s writing often incorporates birds. To learn more about what she’s up to, visit


  1. Therese says:

    A challenge to read at first but I realized that the blue was about our young man and white was about our mom/ sister. Beautiful Rachel!!!! 💕

  2. Jenay says:

    A lovely read! You have a way of drawing the reader in and sharing your emotions with such beautiful intimacy. And you should be so proud of your life, you have lived so much and so earnestly. Hugs, my friend

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