Poetry from Alex Starr

Dust cloud illuminated in darkness

Photo: Victor Furtuna


If a galaxy retains
a memory
of the universe
then by extension
so too the rind
of a cocoa bean
the steam that
curlicues up from
a rooibos ocean
stitches sewed in
hem of summer dress
so too the haphazard
ridges in tree trunks
the hull of a ship
so too scribbled verses
so too you so
too us so too

Alex Starr is a writer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Alex’s poems have been published in Vallum: Contemporary Poetry, Snapdragon Journal, The Literary Bohemian, Lunch Ticket, Zoetic Press, The Write Launch, and Meat for Tea: The Valley Review. Prior recognitions include the Dorothy Sugarman Prize in Poetry, George Harmon Coxe Award in Fiction, and Barnes Shakespeare Essay Prize from the Cornell University English Department. Alex holds a B.A. in Philosophy/English from Cornell and Oxford where he co-led the Mansfield College Poetry Society.

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