Poetry from Liam Strong

Photo: Oziel Gómez

non-suicide poem

before your mouth
was as wide as a shovel
you loosened the collar
of your boots

like dinner plates waiting
to be washed
when i was ten
we held our shoes upside-

down like pistols aimed
at our own undoing
i’m too used to tying
my sneakers indefinitely

so that when i come home
i’m already prepared to leave


Liam Strong is a Pushcart Prize nominated queer writer and studies English at University of Wisconsin-Superior. They are the former editor of NMC Magazine. You can find their works in Impossible Archetype, Dunes Review, Clementine Unbound, Monday Night, IDK Magazine, The Maynard, Panoply, Rusty Scythe, and The 3288 Review.

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