Issue 11 | Winter 2018

Featured Inside:


Richard Fox – You Followed the Moon on Its Wane or Wax
Nicholas Gore – What Fools May Dream
Kristen Wheatley – The Dandelion


C.B. Auder – Chipper
J. Bradley – From Teenage Wasteland: An American Love Story / The Ribcage’s Current Lover Uses A Wall Of Televisions At A Soon-To-Be Defunct Electronic Store To Deliver A Breakup
Lee Hamblin – In-Locked-Out
Amy Lee Lillard – Pretty Girls Make Graves
Danny Powell – Gunshine State
Suzanne Samples – Water Signs

Creative Nonfiction

Jonathan Gleason – Annotations
Yoon-Chan Kim – To Call This Home
Kristine Langley Mahler – The Rules

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 11

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