Issue 12 | Spring/Summer 2018

Featured Inside:


Emily J. Cousins – Perfect Dream Decoder
Tonya Eberhard – Fireworks
Gad Kaynar-Kissinger – What’s Left
Jessica Mehta – Namesakes
Paul Reyns – The Woman Who Rowed with Klimt
Jade Riordan – Ceiling Unlimited
Griffin Robillard – Use Within Three Days of Opening


Madeline Anthes – I May Never Be Clean Again
Melissa Goode – Pretenders
Eric Andrew Newman – Shit House
Giancarlo Riccobon – Congratulations
Sarah “Sam” Saltiel – A Line by Line Translation of Last Night
Marvin Shackelford – Nashville / Above the Fourth Cataract
Tess Walsh – Dandelions

Creative Nonfiction

Julia Edinger – The Manifestation of an Eating Disorder
Suzy Rigdon – Notes on a Whiteboard
Chila Woychik – Remembrancer

Mixed Media

Robert James Russell – Blue Heron

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 12

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