Issue 13 | Fall 2018

Featured Inside:


Jodi Andrews – Converge
Sorayya Moss – In a Stem
Elizabeth Sunflower – samia cynthia
Pamela Taylor – How to Get Emotional Distance When Voodoo is Not an Option / To Adam, From Eve / The Atlantic Ocean Recalls the Middle Passage


Emma Rose Gowans – I Left the Desert
Anu Kumar – The City’s Last Mill
M.P. McCune – Reminders
Sarah Priscus – Hot to Remember What It’s Like to Be a 9-Year-Old Girl
Kaylie Saidin – Cate Lucas
Xenia Taiga – The Trampoline Sissies

Creative Nonfiction

Bradley B. Onishi – Mapping My Adjective
Andrew Rihn – Tyson vs. Alderson / Tyson vs. Richardson / Tyson vs. Young
Christopher Valdheims – The Cathedral
Kathleen Wise – Tomatoes in August

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 13


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