Issue 14 | Winter/Spring 2019

Featured Inside:


Lisa Brognano – Progression
Douglas Cole – Zen Painting
Lisa Wence Connors – Cicadas’ Hymn
Sara Marron – Wide Awake, Wondering if Ants Have Hearts
Lauren Radzieski – Reasons That a Person Would Have for Cutting Off the Tops of the Tulips and Leaving Them Where They Fall
Dominique Russell – Red / Poem from a line by John Donne
Sydney Sheltz-Kempf – Legacy


Caitlin Barasch – First Fracture
James Braun – Wither
Josh Denslow – Gravy Boat
Jennifer F. – The Lipomatous Lover
Lynn Mundell – Octavio
Claire Polders – Looking for a Place to Die
Jenny Wong – The Remembering Skins

Creative Nonfiction

Sara Bathum – Worry Lines
Natalia Conte – If We Speak of Memories
Marisa Crane – Predictions for a Skeptic
Candice Kelsey – Puzzling Things
Natalie Vestin – Four Sleepscapes

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 14


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