Issue 15 | Summer/Fall 2019

Featured Inside:


Ace Boggess – I Watch a Drug Deal Happen
Candice Kelsey – Reading Camp
Judith Roney – Confirmation Number
Daryl Sznyter – first date


Mialise Carney – When Lagoons Turned Lavender
Jackie Kenny – Salt
Cathy Mellett – The Green Bridge
Benjamin Niespodziany – Guadalajara Funeral Parlor
Christine Offutt – A Hand on My Shoulder
Cheryl Pappas – Hunger
Sutton Strother – When I Say You’re Welcome What I Mean Is My Pleasure
Nathan Willis – Wholesale Ghost Hearts

Creative Nonfiction

Aslan Demir – Loss
Jennifer Fliss – My Body Is an Aquarium
Anna Hundert – Lace Lessons
Rachel Laverdiere – Monkey Wrench
DiAnne Malone – Home Training
Sophia Roumeliotis – WHAT I ATE WHY

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 15


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