Issue 16 | Winter/Spring 2020

Featured Inside:


Lara Arikan – In the village in the weeds
Sara Barnard – When it felt something like a honeymoon
Beverly Burch – Incantation to Avian Followers
Shome Dasgupta – Path of the Petals
Diana Donovan – Some Houses
S. Preston Duncan – You Don’t Steal From the Witch’s Garden
Zara Hanif – Just Another Dead Grandma Poem
Amanda Little Rose – Stowaway
KG Newman – The Pride Acre
Jessica Anne Robinson – spring thaw (ii)
Gretchen Rockwell – ‘Pay Attention,’ She Says, And I Try
Robert Wilson – Mastectomy


Chloe N. Clark – There Is the World Within This Window
Joseph Darlington – Ratcatcher
Tommy Dean – Past Lives
Beth Gilstrap – Maybe You Catch Another Ray of Sun
Rebecca Harrison – Chimney-side / When the Bear Was Running
Candace Hartsuyker – The Femme Fatale
Olivia Kingery – Alice finds an antique coin collection
Kathryn Kulpa – What the Selkies Know
Alexandra M. Matthews – Clare
Lila Rabinovich – Careful There
Michelle Ross – Snapshot
Bikram Sharma – Between Bodies
Lucy Zhang – Double Flash

Creative Nonfiction

Jessica Barksdale – This Decade
Myna Chang – Playground Justice
Marina Flores – Three Things She Said in Spanish
Emily James – Directions for Substitute
Shayleene MacReynolds – A Steady Rush
Vikram Ramakrishnan – Directions for a Child Immigrating to the US in the 1980s

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 16

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