Special Issue – Global Pandemic X The Thing I Took for Granted

Featured Inside:

Creative Nonfiction

Gracie Beaver-Kairis – Take Time to Stop and Wear the Roses
K Chiucarello – Gossip Line
Gail Dottin – The Checklist
Sidney Dritz – I Miss My Nemesis
Jennifer Fliss – I Cannot Wash It All Away
Jane French – Another Day to Ruin Dinner
Kate Gehan  – The Small Sorrow of This Magnificent Body
Eimear Laffan – Aspirational Self-Portrait as Reindeer and Fox
Sue Mitchell – An Impurrfect Life
Sarosh Nandwani – blueberry cataclysm
Greg Oldfield – Deadweight
Lauren Otolski – winter/spring
Becky Robison – I don’t miss coffee, but
Deb Rogers – Being Lucky
Sutton Strother – Nostalgia Is

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Global Pandemic X The Thing I Took for Granted


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