Issue 17 | Summer/Fall 2020

Featured Inside:


Katherine Anderson Howell – The Millionaire of American Sadness
KB Baltz – Bower Birds
Pat Daneman – The Garden
Satya Dash – Photosynthesis
Tom England – Aqua Dulce
Maggie Fulmer – Out of Order
Angela Ramos – Silt Mounds
Cliff Saunders – On Both Knees
Nicole Scott – The Mob Goes Wild
Carol Stewart – The World Is Full of Those Who Bear Its Weight
Liam Strong – non-suicide poem
Richard Weaver – Take a word


Dennis Barone – Quartet
Hannah Grieco – The Three Witches
Soramimi Hanarejima – Safe Keeping
Hema Hataraju – Tonight
Sabrina Hicks – Buying Raindrops
Jad Josey – It Finally Happened
Kim Magowan – Cancel Culture
Jessica Sadler – Baltimore Speak

Creative Nonfiction

Beth Bilderback – Disaster Lover (June, 2020)
grace (ge) gilbert – I realize I am a serial monogamist.
Julie Zuckerman – Snapshot of the Souther Hills

You can read the whole issue here: Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Issue 17


1 Comment

  1. hellerj says:

    I enjoyed the literature in this issue! Best wishes for 2021!

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